Positive Colours Cares New
POSITIVE COLOURS produces timeless and sustainable design that serves a purpose and carries a story. The collection presents shirts, blouses and scarves for everybody.
Shirts, Blouses, Fashion, Women, Men, Scarfs
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In everything we do, we are respectful towards people and nature and our supply chain is transparent and easy to follow. We seek to work with suppliers who are using fair processes and practice safe labour.

We care about all costs of creating shirts – not only about the price tag.

  • We supply all our high quality fabrics and accessories from Europe (Italy and the Netherlands), to ensure the distances they travel are limited.
  • All of our cutting and sewing is done in Romania.
  • Our packaging is additive free and 100% recyclable.

And we aim to go even further in the future:

  • Use recycled and innovative materials.
  • Use Clever-care labels, to inform our customers on ways of reducing the impact on the environment of washing and drying their garments.
  • Imagine new Buy-Use-Resale consumption processes.

A new concept – Buy, Use and RESALE!

In a world where we are encouraged to live somebody else’s dream, we aim to inspire people to be true to their self and make their own choices.

We want to be part of the circular economy. Unlike the common linear concept of make, use and dispose, the circular economy concept encourages utilising items as long as possible, getting the maximum value out of quality products. We encourage people to changing their way of buying by offering an easy way to extend the life of their purchases through the buy, use and resale concept!

We propose our clients to further use our internet site to resell their POSITIVE COLOURS shirts after having enjoyed wearing them. This is an integral part of our sustainable development vision, empowering our customers to react to the environmental effects of mass consumption. We believe in a world with less waste.